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Minimum New Laptop Specs

When buying a new laptop, make these your minimum requirements: An Intel i3 processor 8 GB RAM 500GB storage Wi-Fi Bluetooth At least two USB ports, one of which should be USB 3 HDMI Out If you prefer installing software from CDs or like to watch DVDs on your laptop, be sure to get a model with an internal...

Buying a Computer, Part 3: Screen and Keyboard

In Part 2: RAM and Storage, we discussed RAM and storage and how they affect the performance of a computer. This installment involves features that are often overlooked but that are very important in their own right, the screen and keyboard. Display Size Because most people use a notebook these days, screen size should be an important consideration. This is because...

Buying a Computer, Part 2: RAM vs. Storage

Last time, we looked at multi-core processors. But the processor is just one part of what makes a computer fast. RAM (memory) is just as important. Remember our office? memory can be thought of as the size of the desk that each worker has access to. If you have a tiny desk (low memory), you’re limited as to how...

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