Small business owners naturally wear many hats and have a ton of responsibility. Controlling costs, especially when it comes to technology, is of utmost importance. If not careful, you could waste thousands on computers with features you don’t need, or that don’t help you run your business effectively.

One of the most important things to do when starting or growing a business is to take a hard look at the true costs of your technology investment. It is indeed an investment because the costs don’t stop once you’ve paid for the computers. There are ongoing costs that include repairs, maintenance, software and licensing. Anticipating and knowing how to manage those costs effectively will allow you to get a better handle on your cash flow and increase your competitiveness as you do business.

For computer purchases, we provide a service called CCCA (Comprehensive Computer Cost Analysis) where we will take time to talk to you and your staff personally and find out exactly what your technology needs are. A report is then tailored specifically to your business that will identify exactly what you need to purchase. Everything is itemized so that you will know exactly what your costs are both up front and over time. We also take care of software licensing so that you can feel secure knowing that you are in compliance with all software agreements.

Our help doesn’t stop there. If you decide to move forward, We will be right there with you to purchase equipment and make sure that it is installed and configured properly. We will inventory all the systems, register warranties, track software licenses, install and test security, and even set up use policies for your staff. We can even provide ongoing support with repairs and maintenance with rapid turnaround for parts. In addition we can also provide a disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime in the event of a catastrophic failure of any part of your system.