Other Services

Divergex offers a full suite of services that allow you to have all your I.T. needs handled by one company. From a simple hardware upgrade or removal of a persistent malware infection, we have the expertise to keep your business running smoothly.

Remote Troubleshooting

If you can get online, we can likely check out your system remotely. Preventative maintenance, spyware and virus removal (detailed below) and other services can be performed while you watch. Remote troubleshooting is fast, reliable and saves money!

Malware/Virus Removal

We all know someone who has been a victim of malicious software. From classic virus infections to the latest rootkit, scareware and phishing scams, more and more people are affected each day. These programs can steal your passwords, data, and especially your identity. The damage that can be done is devastating and can take years to repair. While the best course of action is always prevention, there are still occasions when something can slip through.

When that happens, we can help. If you are in the Philadelphia area, we can perform on-site diagnosis and cleanup of your system. In some cases, diagnosis and cleanup services can be performed remotely, so that no matter where you are you can get your system back in top-notch condition.

We use a proven diagnosis and testing method that identifies the malware on your computer. Then we take a methodical approach to remove all traces of that malware, so that it won’t come back. Finally we work to identify the route used to infect your computer so you can protect yourself in the future.

Data Backup and Archiving

One of the most devastating things that can happen to your business is loss of data. Let Divergex set up a complete backup and archiving system that will ensure the safety of your data.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Wired Networking

Small businesses often make use of multiple computers for their staff. The need to share files and other business information is increasingly important. Let Divergex design a networking structure that will be reliable and extensible for your current systems and any systems you may add in the future. We can set up a secure wireless network that allows you to share files with those you want while keeping out intruders. Utilize the power of the cloud to collaborate on projects and share data easily with customers and partners. Or set up a robust file and media server so that everyone can access files from a central location. For reliability, a customized backup solution will be put in place to ensure a fallback in case your server ever experiences problems.

Disaster Recovery

Catastrophic failure happens. It’s a fact of life. But when it does, you need a process in place to recover quickly and efficiently. Complete backups, replacement PCs, and quick part turnarounds area ll necessary to get you back to work. Let us set up a proper disaster recovery plan for your business that will give you peace of mind.

Upgrades and Repairs

From time to time, computers fail. Unfortunately, they tend to fail at the worst possible time. When that happens, most people simply toss the machine and replace it with a new one. Fair enough. But what about the time and energy invested in buying the new computer, setting it up, and retrieving all your data from the old system? We can quickly diagnose your issue and may be able to save you a substantial amount of money.


We will pick up your old PCs, and securely clean the data before doing a full inspection to be sure everything is in working order. We will then donate those PCs to a local organization that has a need and can make use of them. Any receipts from donations will go directly to you. If the PCs are not salvageable, we will make sure that they are disposed of responsibly.