WordPress is a very popular platform to build a website on. It is estimated that almost a third of all websites use WordPress, and it is by far the most used Content Management System (CMS) available.

While WordPress is a great choice for your site, many business owners make key mistakes when deploying their it. These mistakes can lead to downtime, a poor looking site, or at worst a site that doesn’t work at all. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when working with WordPress. (more…)

Giving Magazine was created for all who work to build and strengthen our global communities. It features content written by authors from all over the world.

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Doug White, a long-time leader in the nation’s philanthropic community, is an author, teacher, and an advisor to nonprofit organizations and philanthropists.

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Fashion blog DeeMarieStyle.com was created to show love for fashion, style, and shopping for amazing bargains for the plus size woman.

This site was created in WordPress with a custom, fully responsive theme.

You’ve just returned from vacation and you’re ready to look at all the great pictures you took while there. The blue skies, sandy beaches and warm surf were all beautiful, and you can’t wait to share the experience with your friends.

But there’s a problem. When you take the SD card out of the camera and put it in your laptop, the laptop tells you it’s blank. “No that can’t be”, you think to yourself. So you pull the card out then put it back in, figuring maybe you inserted it incorrectly. Same deal. The card is empty. You put the card back in the camera. Still nothing. Now you’re close to panic. (more…)